How come my gums bleed so easily? As a dentist in Oakley, we have seen it way too often and want to inform our readers about periodontal disease, which is a silent yet devastating oral health concern. Periodontal disease is the leading cause for tooth loss. It is a chronic infection of the gums due to calculi buildup. Flossing alone cannot remove these rock hard, bacteria filled buildups. This chronic infection leads to inflamed gums as well as deterioration of the jaw bone that anchors the tooth. Not only will our gums bleed easily, our teeth will begin to loosen as the bone anchoring the tooth dissolves similar to the eroding soil around a fence post. Another sign of periodontal disease would be that one’s teeth will seem longer in length, but in reality, the bone surrounding the tooth is dissolving, dragging the gums down and exposing more of the root surfaces of the tooth.

When left untreated, periodontal disease has been linked to tooth loss, constant bacterial infections, and an increased risk for high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Please schedule an appointment with us to obtain a thorough evaluation and to help maintain your smile. Here at Autumn Lake Dental, we believe knowledge is power. If there is a particular question, ask us. It may be featured here in our Blog!

What happens if it’s too loose? Once it reaches a point where the tooth is too mobile, the tooth will be loss, but there are some options to restore the area. Depending on the patient’s personal preferences, he or she may select a prosthesis that stays permanently in the mouth, or something that is removable. We provide options of implants, dentures, and implant supported dentures to help restore one’s smile and the ability to eat properly again.


-Dr. Ton



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