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Our office is fantastic, and with our 5-star Yelp! rating and so many great reviews, you don’t just have to take our word for it!

Comfortable, Convenient Office

After neglecting to go to the dentist for some time now, as expected, I developed a tooth problem. I looked at the reviews; [they] were great for Dr. Ton. I had to check it out and see for myself. I called and made an appointment, and with their accommodating hours of operation, it was easy to make an appointment. As you walk in this place, [it is] cleaner than a model home and you’re welcomed with [a] smile. Dr. Ton and his staff are professional, organized, and genuine. The next day, after my appointment, Dr. Ton himself called to check up on me and how I was feeling. Overall, this place is just as good as the reviews, if not better. — C.S.

Great Appointment Every Time

As the time before, excellent experience. Seriously, no pain and probably the best ever teeth cleaning. It was very detailed. Do not recall ever feeling that way before about a cleaning. My crown, which was the main issue, is perfect. Thank you to the entire staff! — Carolyn

Friendly Staff

When I went in to Autumn Lake Dental, it was great! The customer service was excellent, they all had smiles on their faces. Dr. Trieu Ton was awesome; he was the nicest dentist I have ever met. The office was the cleanest I have ever been in, as well. If you want the best experience you can have, I recommend go[ing] to Autumn Lake Dental. — Katherine

Wonderful Experience

Great dentist, great place; they make you feel comfortable! — Aurelio

Surprisingly Pleasant Experience

I am scared of the dentist, but Dr. Ton and [his] staff comforted me, and I didn’t feel a thing. I got a root canal and crown done, and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Ton is the best and he loves what he does. I have referred friends since my visit, and I really cannot see any other dentist except Dr. Ton. [He] and his practice [are] the best yet!!! — Yuliana, Antioch, CA

Great for Special Needs Patients

My wife and I both [work] in the field of autism [and have] two kids on the spectrum. We struggled to find a dentist that would not get irritated or become short with us or our children due to their needs. Dr. Ton and his staff were a dream come true. Their location is exceptionally clean and very well maintained. They worked with all three of my children[, boys 2, 6, and 8 years old]. They exercised patience and were very calm with my autistic sons. I highly recommend this establishment. [I am] feeling blessed to have finally found a place I can take my kids without feeling like we are a burden to the doctor. They made us feel like family as soon as we walked in. — Oscar

Best Dental Office

Dr. Ton has the best-looking office I’ve ever seen, so warm and comforting. The staff are all courteous [and] welcoming, and [they] greet you with a smile. I was incredibly impressed…[with] how well Dr. Ton and his team work…together and all the outstanding technology in the office. Honestly, I was skeptical about the advertisement, “No More Injection Pain.” I’ve had dental injections before and usually you do feel a little something. But not with this office! Seriously, I felt NOTHING while I was reclined back watching TV with…his cool headphones on. It was truly a stress-free experience! After that awesome experience, I will definitely be back to see Dr. Ton! — Randy, San Jose, CA

Extensive Work, Pleasant Experience

I was very reluctant to go to the dentist, as I knew I would need extensive work carried out. The staff was extremely professional and courteous in allaying my concerns. The previous reviews led me to this practice; everyone was absolutely correct. I could not recommend this practice enough! — Derek, Oakley, CA

Clean, Comfortable Environment

The office is clean and inviting. The staff is super friendly and personable. As a person that suffers quite a bit [from] anxiety about dentist, not only did I feel safe, but the staff also took plenty of time to explain everything to me. I will definitely be returning. — Shauntel M.

Best Dentist Ever

This [is] the best dentist ever. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to dentistry and they are so gentle. His staff is wonderful and they made sure I was comfortable during the whole visit. I took my son for his first visit and he did not cry even once. He loved the staff and was talking and smiling with them the whole time. I would highly recommend this dentist and I am so happy to have found a family dentist that I am happy with. — Zaneta W., Oakley, CA

I Feel at Home

All the staff is so friendly, it makes you feel as comfortable as being in your own home visiting with friends. There is so much care taken to make sure I am constantly comfortable. The quality of work is tops. I am so glad I found this office. — Janice G.

Awesome Doctor & Staff

Every time I’ve come to your office, I’ve always had a great experience. All your staff has been very friendly. You’re an awesome dentist, and all your staff is highly qualified. I truly recommend your dental office. — Miguel P.


At first I was hesitant to switch dentists, but my friend had such a great experience with Dr. Ton I decided to give it a shot. I have one word to describe my experience – WOW…. I love the fact that [Dr. Ton] is very passionate about what he does and [is] involved in the community helping kids [who are] making important career choices…. The staff is nice and friendly. They seem to always be smiling like they just won the lottery or something…. I [am] definitely coming back for my next cleaning session. — Vince D., Newark, CA

Nice Office, Great Experience

Autumn Lake was the nicest office, from the front office to the dentist and everyone in between…. Thank you for all the time you spent with me, someone who was anxious to be there. — Rebecca R.

Very Impressed

Dr. Ton was so gentle with my gums and teeth. I didn’t even know the cleaning was done. Also, even the assistants were very professional. They also made my entire family feel welcome. I was impressed with their technology, it was added comfort because it made the process smooth and fast. All I can say is thank you and we are looking forward to our next visit. — Jeannette P., Pittsburgh, CA

The Future of Dental Care

Autumn Lake is the future of what dental care should become. All the staff is friendly and went out of their way to ensure I had a comfortable experience. Dr. Ton made [me] feel relaxed and made sure [I] understood what he would be doing. — Charles B.

Made Me Feel At Ease

I’m pretty sure everyone is on the same page with me when I say I hate going to the dentist. But Dr. Ton and his staff made me feel at ease from the moment I stepped in. The office is new and very clean!! That’s always a plus at a dental office. Dr. Ton is very knowledgeable and thorough when explaining procedures and was very patient in answering all my questions. If you’re looking for a new dentist, I’d highly recommend him. You won’t be disappointed. — Yenphi N., Irvine, CA

Unbelievably Awesome!

Dr. Ton and his staff are unbelievably awesome! Especially in this fast-paced…age, it’s all about quantity and less and less about quality[. B]ut at Autumn Lake Dental, they go above and beyond to give you quality and comfort, as well as stellar dental work. Not only is Dr. Ton a brilliant DDS, but he’s polite, thorough, friendly, informative, and patient. All the staff are…very warm, welcoming, and sweet. They truly make you feel like family. Autumn Lake Dental gives you the whole package: an experience that helps ease even the most anxious person, as well as giving you excellent, top-notch dental care in a high-tech, family-friendly, comfortable, welcoming environment! — Greylyn N.

Simply Put: The Best of the Best

Dr. Ton and his staff are, simply put, the best of the best!!! I hate going to the dentist…. But Dr. Ton and these wonderful ladies have done so much for me in order to remain calm and still have a pleasant experience. They are very attentive and their compassion shows in their work. Dr. Ton works with you every step of the way and goes above and beyond his title as a dentist and checks on his patients! [From] their top quality equipment and newer techniques and methods, to their calm atmosphere and professionalism, you won’t find a better dentist and staff! — Gabriela M., Oakley, CA

Love This Office

[I] love everyone in this office. Dr. Ton and his team are awesome, I’ve never been a big fan of the dentist but don’t mind visiting Autumn Lake… the team made me feel reassured that they would take great care of me and they ALWAYS do. — Tammy V.

Two Thumbs Up

While I was visiting my family in NorCal, I thought I would give Dr. Ton a shot since I was long overdue for a checkup/cleaning…. Dr. Ton is awesome! He is kind, genuine, sociable, and has a great sense of humor! Most importantly, he is very attentive and takes his patients concerns into consideration…. I was also very impressed with his new modern, contemporary-like office. Very cozy, clean, and nicely decorated inside and out with lots of sunlight. The ambience was nice and comfortable, which made me feel like I was at home…. Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Autumn Lake Dental. I give Dr. Ton two thumbs up and give stars! Definitely seek him for any future dental work. — Mel T., San Diego, CA

Friendly Care

The staff was friendly, personable, and still professional. My care was very comfortable and I was asked if there was anything I needed to be more comfortable. The work I need was explained so I could understand what was to be done. — Vera

Hidden Gem in Oakley

A superb dentist is hiding in Oakley, and I am so grateful to have found him. The ONLY dental experience of my 68 years with NO PAIN AT ALL. It was a miracle to me, as I’ve avoided dentistry all my life as it seemed no one could get my numb enough. Dr. Ton is exceptional. GO SEE DR. TON! A wonderful experience for me. I was truly delighted to find a dentist at last. — Judith R.

I Found My Dentist

Dr. Ton is a perfectionist. He took his time with me and made sure what he was doing came out perfect. I didn’t feel a thing – I didn’t even feel the shot. He has a vibration wand that he sticks in your mouth and you don’t feel [any]thing. Also, the staff and Dr. Ton are very nice people. The atmosphere in the office is very nice. I think I found my dentist; I will recommend him to anyone! — Michael M., Brentwood, CA

Great for Nervous Patients

Dr. Ton and staff are very professional in what they do. I had a cleaning today[, and] I [was] so nervous because I hate pain, but Brianne (hygienist) has the hand of an angel. I did not feel any discomfort at all through the procedure. The office is very modern, welcoming, and new. The front office personnel (Ana) is very friendly and accommodating. I will spread a good word about my experience from Autumn Lake Dental to my friends and relatives. — Connie C.

A Dentist Office to Call Our Own

We’ve been looking for a dentist to call our own; our home dental office. We’ve found it! Dr. Ton is intelligent, friendly, clean, and easy to talk to. He explained everything he was doing and gave me a breakdown of his plan of action for my teeth – prioritizing the urgent down to the cosmetic stuff that could wait a visit or two. He is my new favorite dental professional! The staff is wonderful, too…. The lobby/waiting area is designed for comfort and has awesome distractions for the kids! I’m talking video games and computers…. Flat screens on the ceiling? Get outta here! This place is amazing! This was BY FAR the best experience my family and I [have] ever had with a dentist…. I wish there was a sixth star to give in this rating! — Tommy M., Antioch, CA

Emergency Care

I was visiting from Oregon and in a lot of pain when I contacted Dr. Ton at Autumn Lake Dental. He saw me immediately and prescribed antibiotics and pain medication so that I could get through the holidays and make it home. I am so very grateful for his help! Thank you Dr. Ton! — Deborah M.

Best Dental Experience I’ve Had

The best dental experience I have had in my 60-plus years of receiving dental care. The staff is very friendly and professional. There were no scary and visible needles. The office is very clean and well lit. There are computers available, as well as TV or music when being attended to or waiting. I repeat, the best I have experienced. I highly recommend this dental office. — Arnold

Second Opinion Consultation

I recently went to Autumn Lake Dental for X-rays and a consultation for some issues I was having. I had just been to another dentist in the area and was not happy with their wait times, etc. So I thought I would try a new place. The difference was really night and day. I didn’t have to wait here and everything is state-of-the-art. And the staff was really amazing and helpful. I did not feel rushed at all like the other place, and everything was explained thoroughly also. Another great thing is they have extended hours. I have a tough schedule, and late night weekday and Saturday appointments are really a lifesaver. I will be coming back soon!

No Pressure Dentistry

A dental office with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff. The dental office was clean and inviting. Checked out this place when I was on vacation and visiting my folks. I went here after some recommendations from my family and was very pleased with the dental work I received. Dr. Ton was awesome. I never felt rushed or pressured. He spent time explaining everything to me, and we went through dental images together, which was very nice. We came up with a treatment plan that worked for me! If you live in the surrounding Oakley, Brentwood, Antioch area, this is the place to go. You won’t be disappointed! — L T, Allston, MA

Dedicated Dentist

State-of-the-art technology and excellent service! Dr. Ton is really dedicated to serving his patients in every way. He and his staff take the time to be attentive to each patient that walks in their doors. He is very detailed in explaining the procedure [that] is being done. I would highly recommend Dr. Ton! — Victor R.

Watched CNN while He Worked

Love Autumn Lake Dental. Staff was friendly and I felt at home. I went in for a cleaning and left cleaned! I didn’t even notice work being done since I was busy watching CNN on flat screens. Dr. Ton was very thorough in his examination and explanation of things that needed to be done. I was very impressed with the amenities in the office, as well as the professionalism of the staff. — Tho T., Elk Grove, CA

Modern Dental Care

I had a molar pulled and did not feel the needle or the pulling at all. They have all high-tech, modern equipment to make your experience as comfy as possible. Very impressive. Welcome to 21st century dentistry. — Raymond L.

Great for Kids

My children are nine and ten and enjoyed that there was an Xbox system in the lobby. The staff is very friendly! My kids actually asked to come back for another dentist appointment! Dr. Ton was very descriptive on the issues and procedures that he had done. Also, you can watch TV while they work on your teeth. I would definitely recommend Autumn Lake Dental to everyone! — Joanna

Great for My High-Maintenance Family

We were looking for a good dentist, and Dr. Ton was the one and his staff was very nice. They strive very hard to make you feel very comfortable. Dr. Ton will call you and follow up about your visit. I have to admit my family was very hard to please and very high-maintenance about everything. We will continue our dental care with Dr. Ton. He knows how to handle my two children, especially my little daughter. I was amazed how he handled her so gentle even [when] she was crying…. To Dr. Ton and his staff, thanks again for your great service and continue the good job. Looking forward to seeing you again in our future appointments for all my family. — The Lacorte Family, Richmond, CA

Fast & Easy First Visit

My first time at Autumn Lake Dental was AMAZING. The office is so clean and professional and relaxing. The workers there are so friendly and are always looking to help with anything to make you feel more at home. Dr. Ton is very friendly and professional. He did a great job pulling up diagrams to explain every step of the process he was fulfilling, but also made sure to have me in and out in less than an hour. I would recommend Autumn Lake Dental to all those looking for a staff that will know you by name and care about you and your smile needs, while making you feel at home. — Jeremy

Amazing Staff

Dr. Ton and his staff are amazing. They were super nice and caring. They made sure I was comfortable and made my anxiety of getting my teeth checked a lot easier [to handle]. The office is clean and very well organized. Dr. Ton did a great job on my teeth and I’m very happy with the results! I highly recommend this office for anyone! — Lila L., Oakland, CA

Excellent Family Dental Care

Wonderful service and wonderful staff. Dr. Ton really cares about his patients, and the office is outstanding. Really, really love this office, and I plan on bringing the whole family here from now on. — Korie

Always Professional and Helpful

Coming from Active Duty and dealing with military dentists, I [had] never experienced an outside provider before. I moved here from Mississippi as a Reservist and had to get a dental form completed for my unit. Looking up dental providers last minute and seeing great reviews right off the bat, I did not hesitate to give Autumn Lake Dental a call. They took care of me immediately, filled out my form (which satisfied my unit), and ever since then, Dr. Ton has been my main dental provider. I love the atmosphere; the entire staff is friendly and very personable. DO NOT hesitate to look into Autumn Lake Dental – they are amazing and you will not regret it!! — Shannon, Oakley, CA

Great Pediatric Dentist

I needed to find a new pediatric dentist for my 5-year-old in the Oakley area. After a Google search, I found Autumn Lake and their solid reviews. I brought my 5-year-old in for his first appointment and he absolutely loved it. Dr. Ton was great with him and made him feel at ease. Overall great experience. I would definitely recommend his practice to anyone in the area. — Miguel G.

Modern, Fun, and Cozy Office

We recently relocated back to California, and we needed a dentist for my son’s school physical ASAP. My main issue was that my son hates going to the dentist, and going to a NEW dentist would aggravate that even more. I didn’t know where to go or look for a good pediatric dentist, and on our way home, we saw Dr. Ton’s office and we decided to take a chance and check it out. When we got there, we were amazed by how awesome the office looked…it was a brand new office after all, but what made it stand out was the fact that they had a coffee/Keurig station for the grown-ups, two computers, two Wii™ game consoles, and a little kitchen play set for the kids! My son loved it, and there was no crying, fighting, or screaming when it was time for him to see the dentist. During the entire visit, everybody was just so nice and accommodating, and Dr. Ton was really professional and patient in dealing with my son. Overall, [a] great experience, [I] highly recommended [the practice]. — Dr. Ton Patient

Quality, Personalized Care

Dr. Ton was very nice, kind, and informative. Also, all staff [that] works there are so nice and considerate. The office is so clean, and each room has TV screens for patients to watch…. I just had a treatment done today and Dr. Ton put a temporary crown on my tooth until [a] real crown arrives, but it already looks so nice and feels nice. He even called to check on how I’m doing. I highly recommend him, and I will have my husband make an appointment soon. — Jang

Always Answers Questions

My visit was awesome. Dr. Ton takes his time explain[ing] things, and he even takes time out of his schedule to make personal phone calls to make sure you’re ok. The office is awesome – full of the latest technology. My whole family is happy with Autumn Lake Dental. — Miguel P.

Knowledgeable, Friendly Teams

Autumn Lake Dental is an amazing dental group. The team is knowledgeable and friendly, always making sure that you’re comfortable. I look forward to continuing my dental care with Dr. Ton and his team. — Kim E.

Dental Office of the Year

I phoned in the day before and the nice receptionist promptly scheduled an appointment for mid-afternoon on a Saturday to take care of some dental work I’ve been putting off. Oops…. The injection was incredibly comfortable. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I totally didn't feel any discomfort at all! During my procedure, I was given the choice of watching my favorite movie…from the gorgeous flat screen built into the ceiling and it almost felt like I wasn’t even at the dentist’s office…. The next day, Dr. Ton even invested his personal time to call me to follow up and ensure I was very satisfied with the care I received and was recovering comfortably without any concerns or complications. Who does that?? What more can I possible say? Dentist and dental office of the year! — Raymond Y., San Francisco, CA

Excellent First Visit

I had a great first experience. The office is beautiful, welcoming, and clean. The staff is very friendly and easy to talk to. The doctor and staff listened to what I needed or what my concerns were. They talked to me about all my options. They make you feel comfortable, and I felt I could trust them. I look forward to future appointments. — Tina A.

Exceeding Expectations

[My wife] and I moved here to Brentwood and did not have a dentist. [She] got a toothache, so we found Dr. Ton. [She] was scared to death of dental work as she has trouble getting numb. Dr. Ton exceeded our expectations by taking the time to make her feel comfortable and the procedure was over before she knew it, and she did not experience the pain she had so many times before when seeing a dentist. [My wife’s] words to me after getting home were that Dr. Ton and his team were awesome. He will now be our new family dentist. — John H., Brentwood, CA

Dr. Ton Can Fix It!

I’m visiting from Indiana and I was recommended to this dental office [by] a family member…it was well worth the drive…. The first impressions are the best impression and the waiting room is very clean and looks very modern. From the first step into this dental office, you are greeted by a big smile and positive energy from the secretary, Ana…. The office is well-maintained and I actually enjoy coming to get my teeth done…. Dr. Ton took time out [of] his day to call me personally to see how I was holding up. Pretty amazing if you ask me…. I recommend this dental office to you, your momma, your dad, your sister, your brother, your grandma, and your grandpa, too. Seriously, just try Dr. Ton out and see for yourself. What do you have to lose? A tooth? He can fix it! — Trung T., Hayward, CA

Wish We’d Visited Sooner

We had the best experience with Dr. Ton! In fact, we are kicking ourselves for not visiting sooner. We looked up Dr. Ton for our youngest daughter after our son had a bad experience at another dental provider…. I do not think she has ever been this excited about her next visit to the dentist! I would definitely recommend Dr. Ton…. In fact, my wife and I are planning to switch our dental work over to Autumn Lake. — The Odoms

Phenomenal Dentist

What a phenomenal dental office, the staff is very professional and welcoming. You’re greeted with a smile and positive vibes. I called on a Saturday and was promptly scheduled with a same-day appointment. I could not believe they were open until 7pm on a Saturday…. Treatment cost is very budget friendly. Dr. Ton is truthfully heaven-sent. I felt zero discomfort when he administered the anesthesia. I have finally found my go-to dental office; I would highly recommend this office. — Stephanie B., Antioch, CA

Easy Emergency Scheduling

I had chipped a small portion of my back molar…went on Yelp to find a recommended dentist close to home/work [that] accepts my insurance. I came across Autumn Lake Dental…. I called to make an appointment…they were closed, but a receptionist was on site. She scheduled me for the following morning and upon arrival, I was impressed. I felt like a celebrity with the interior décor of the facility and the amazing customer service the staff provides…. My nerves were quickly eased, and I can certainly see myself keeping up with my dental hygiene more often with the comfortable environment Autumn Lake offers. — Reesha S., San Jose, CA

Nothing to Fear

I’ve always hated going to the doctor, and dentist in particular…. Turns out I had nothing to fear; I was surprised by how modern their equipment was, how friendly everyone is, and how the person working on my teeth made sure I was as comfortable as could be. I can see that they thought of everything…. Without a doubt, I will recommend these guys to everyone as their dentist. — Alvic C.

Comfortable Office Brings Me Back

It was my second time at Autumn Lake Dental and they always provide excellent service. I came in for a teeth cleaning the first time and they gave [me] a paraffin hand wax with it! For my fillings, they provided me with headphones and a pillow to make sure that I was comfortable for my two-hour visit. And [I can’t] forget to mention that they have TVs in the rooms…. They always have superb customer service and the office is clean and modern…. They are good [because] they have weekend hours and always provide multiple follow-up calls/texts/emails to make sure you are confirmed with your appointment. I have never had such a great experience at the dentist. — Betty S., Richmond, CA

Very Accommodating

The first thing I noticed in my two visits to Autumn Lake Dental is the friendliness of the staff and also their helpfulness. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere and has a calming effect. I have recommended them to my family and friends…. Dr. Ton is very gentle and accommodating, as well as his assistant. — Kathy P.

Attentive Staff

The staff here is very sweet and attentive…. I had a crown put on due to a cracked filling and Dr. Ton was very gentle and made sure I was doing ok during the drilling. He listened to my needs and made me feel comfortable because being at the dentist kind of gives me anxiety. After my crown was done…Dr. Ton called me to follow up and see how I was doing. I thought this was an awesome thing to do! I’ve never had a dentist call me to see how my teeth were and if I was ok or had any concerns…. Thank you Autumn Lake Dental for your amazing service! — Nikki D., Oakley, CA

Beautiful Office

The office is immaculate. It has a comfortable vibe with state-of-the-art equipment…. I sat comfortably in my chair watching HGTV while the hygienist did her magic…. My entire experience was above and beyond what I ever expected from a dental office and I highly recommend them to anyone with teeth. — Danni S.

Great Pre-Natal Care

At 33 weeks pregnant, I was a bit concerned about going in for my appointment, but I was glad to see that they took the time to make sure I was comfortable at all times…. I definitely like the fact that they care about your dental health and not what will make them a profit. For your dental needs, Autumn Lake Dental is the place to go. — Nancy P.

Not a Fan of the Dentist until Now

I am not a huge dentist fan. Like at all. I saw that Autumn Lake Dental was opening close to my house and thought I would schedule. After I made the appointment, the doctor personally called me to make sure I was comfortable and to see if I had any questions…. I was greeted by the nice staff on the day of the appointment. I had a regular cleaning, which was done by the doctor himself! Clean. Friendly. Relaxing. And a wonderful experience…. Yes, I said that about this dentist!! Will be going back and referring friends and family. — Samantha S., Brentwood, CA

Completely At Ease

I felt incredibly welcomed and at ease with their friendliness and undivided attention that is given; from the time you come in to register to the discharge of your visit. Dr. Ton is very dedicated to his patients and makes you feel at ease with detailed communication of what is being done at the time of your visit. Their equipment is very up-to-date and their office is extremely clean. I would high recommend Autumn Lake Dental! — Rubi R.

Very Welcoming, Very Professional

Everyone was very welcoming, very professional. They listened to my concerns and Dr. Ton made sure to address them all. He was gentle and made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure, which, by the way, was pretty much painless. He called me at home to make sure I was doing okay. I feel very confident to recommend him to my family and friends. — Martha V.

I’ll Be Back

After going to the same dentist since high school, I decided to make the one-hour drive to Oakley in order to have my teeth cleaned at Dr. Ton’s office. Ana and Angela (Dr. Ton’s staff) are extremely friendly and helped [calm my dental] anxiety. Everyone is professional and knowledgeable. I was amazed by the advanced dental equipment and plush patient rooms (there are televisions hanging from the ceiling for viewing when you are reclined in the chair). Dr. Ton also uses a combination of his DSLR and a mirror in order to provide his patients with high-definition images of their teeth. I highly recommend this office and will be returning to have some more work done! — Raheem A., Sacramento, CA

No Judgment of My Smile

I had such a great experience here. The staff was very nice and informative. I felt like they were able to answer all my questions and concerns with ease. I also felt comfortable there. I didn’t feel like they were judging me for my teeth. I would and have recommended Autumn Lake Dental to my friends and family. — Melissa D.

Exceptional Emergency Dentist

Last night, I had a molar break and it opened up a hole exposing a very sensitive nerve ending. I called this morning to see if I could see Dr. Ton ASAP, and his office staff was very accommodating. I was able to drive down to their office immediately and get X-rays taken of my entire mouth…. I felt well treated, and Dr. Ton made sure I was comforted throughout the process. Going through this situation was a shock to my system, and it was hard to remain calm. By the time I left the office, I was relaxed and felt that my personal trauma was taken care of by a caring professional. Because of my personal experience, I strongly recommend Autumn Lake Dental as a professional and caring group of caregivers. And their Dental Savers Plan pricing is very affordable! — Jeff

Outstanding Personal Service

Dr. Ton and his staff are the BEST!!!! Honestly, I can’t say enough great things about Autumn Lake Dental! As a person who always dreaded going to the dentist, finding Dr. Ton on Yelp was such an incredible blessing. I was experiencing some sensitivity and made an appointment for a cleaning and check-up. As I suspected, I had a few cavities…but what I did not [expect] was the most comfortable, relaxing, pain-free experience I’ve ever had at a dentist office before. It was actually pleasant…. I highly recommend Autumn Lake Dental to everyone looking for a pain-free process, state-of-the-art equipment, and outstanding personal service. My smile looks better than ever and it’s so wonderful that I actually look forward to going to the dentist now. — Dayna R., Antioch, CA

Helpful & Informative

First and foremost, the entire staff is warm, friendly, helpful, and informative. The office is really beautiful and the amenities provided while you wait are a nice touch. I appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into patient comfort. All in all, a really good experience. — Janice G.

Exceptional Care

EXCEPTIONAL! Professional, VERY clean environment, which is important to me. I went in feeling apprehensive, because that it my nature when it comes to dental work. Plus, I had the same dentist for 34 years! I had to have unavoidable dental work done that was [very] involved. Thanks to Dr. Ton and his staff, my experience was not the dramatic one I envisioned. NO PAIN! Lots of patience on their part! Dr. Ton called me later in the evening to check on me, something that is rarely done these days. The highest recommendation that one can give, I am giving. Thank you. — Carolyn S.

Believe the Hype!

I was very reluctant to go to the dentist, as I knew I would need extensive work carried out. The staff was extremely professional and courteous in allaying my concerns. The previous reviews led me to this practice; everyone was absolutely correct. I could not recommend this practice enough! — Derek M., Oakley, CA

Great Care during Procedure

The whole staff and Dr. Ton were very friendly and made sure I understood what was going to be done. I was comfortable during the whole experience, and the extraction and bone transplant [were] done with great care and [were] quite gentle for what was done. I ordered pain medication after the procedure, but I have not taken any…. So I would say the doctor did a minimal amount of damage to the gums and tissue. GOOD JOB, thanks. — Hugh

Nicest Dentist

I had a great experience at Autumn Lake Dental. All the staff [provided] excellent customer service, and Dr. Ton is probably the nicest dentist I have ever met. He was very professional, gentle, and made sure you were happy with his service. The office was nicely decorated, and he uses the latest and greatest equipment. [There are] also monitors everywhere, even on the ceiling, so you can watch TV if you don't feel like talking. Overall, the office was very comfortable and everyone is very helpful. I would highly recommend Autumn Lake Dental. — Cuong

Best Dental Cleaning

This is absolutely the best dentist office I have ever been to…. I had to have a cleaning and was super nervous, but the staff totally calmed me down, made me relaxed with a paraffin wax and neck pillow during the cleaning. They also provided headphones and TV during my fillings, which made it go by so fast[, and it] was pretty much painless! I also opted for the teeth whitening kit, and I love it! This is the best staff ever and I will refer everyone I know to go here! — Veronica H., Oakley, CA

Even More Reviews!

Great service. We are new to the area and wanted to support local businesses. Decided to pick this place for my husband to get his dental work done. Dr. Ton is great and even called my husband to be sure everything was ok after surgery. Happy we found a great local dentist. — Jan

Great service, and lots of personal attention; did a great job, [and] they were very gentle. Overall this has been the best dentist I’ve been to. My wife and I have been doing here for almost a year and have [had] multiple visits. — Horacio P.

Great service and follow-up. He got me in in an emergency and I will continue my dental care with him. The facility is so up-to-date that the dental work is painless. Plus the TV is cool to distract you. — Missy N.

This dental office is truly exceptional from the tiniest detail. I am truly satisfied and excited to bring my kids in for their first appointment with Dr. Ton and his amazing staff. — Mac F.

I went in for a consultation for implants. Dr. Ton gave me the information I needed in order to make an informed decision on how to proceed and what my options were. — Barbara

The dental experience was more than I ever expected. Gentle and caring, the office is so clean. I have been telling everyone who will listen to change…to this office. — Judith H.

The office itself if clean and beautifully decorated with calming colors. The staff are all firnedly and helpful. The dentist is patient and thorough and very personable. — Ailea M.

I found the whole staff very friendly and helpful. They made me feel at home and comfortable. I plan on recommending Autumn Lake Dental to family and friends. — Kathy P.

Wonderful office. I love the positive attitude of the employees and the office is beautiful! They go above and beyond with customer satisfaction. — Lauralee B.

Great office with awesome staff! All the amenities are top-notch! I recommend this dental office to everyone that wants top-of-the-line service! — Adri J.

Working out of town[, and a] toothache made me look for a dentist….Very impressive office and rooms. Friendly staff, great service. — Daniel D.

Great care and comfort. So very happy with the service. I finally have a dentist I feel comfortable with. Thank you so very much. — Valerie

Such a positive experience for my sissy-mouth! Each technician showed care and concern for my comfort. Outstanding service! — DeAnna

It’s nice to have a dentist that makes sure you are comfortable during the procedures. It really makes the process easier. — David

It was the best experience I’ve had at the dentist in a long time. The staff is very friendly and informative. — David B.

Thank you for the friendly and awesome experience. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I will be back again. — Alicia R.

The first time there and the staff was very professional. It was great; looking forward to the next visit. — Jason

Great staff! Very helpful, and the doctor makes sure to explain everything. — Rose H.

Dr. Ton is the best! He's friendly and nurturing. His staffs also great. — Mariany K.

Clean, fast, and great service. — Dawn A.


The staff is amazing here. Really personable and not forced, which is always nice. The facility is so clean and nicely set up. It’s so high-tech; I loved it. Definitely will refer anyone looking for a dentist. Thank you so much! — Ashley M.

This is by far the best dentist I have been to. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure everything goes well. The prices are very reasonable. I am very pleased and I will refer all of my family and friends here. — M G

Great dentist! Professional and friendly staff. Awesome office, too – the TVs on the ceiling are a perfect distraction. Makes for a relatively pleasant experience. Definitely recommend. — K.A.

Dr. Ton assisted me in working with my HMO. The full staff made me feel like I was family…. Five stars are not enough…. If you have to go to a dentist, go with the BEST! — Robert

I liked the attention they put on my teeth. They actually seem to care…. I’ve been to other dentists and didn’t like any like this one; really happy with the service. — Diana

I really dread getting shots, but with Dr. Ton, I didn’t feel them at all. It was great! It was very thoughtful of the doctor to call and check on my later that same day. — Mary G.

This was my first time going to a dentist and [it] was a great experience. Dr. Ton, Angela, and Ana were super friendly and helpful; they made [me] feel relaxed. — Luis

My visit was awesome. Dr. Ton takes his time to explain things and he even takes time out of his schedule to make personal phone calls to make sure you’re ok. — Miguel P.

The staff was friendly, compassionate, and professional. I was so impressed by how meticulous Dr. Ton is…. I highly recommend this dentist to everyone. — Long N.

The staff was really friendly and helpful. The dentist…[is] very gentle. My daughter is 12 years old and she loves her experiences at her appointments. — E.

Everyone at the dental office was friendly. I was seen within a few minutes of my appointment time. Dr. Ton answered all of my questions. — Jacqueline C.

Doctor was comforting and gentle. Thank you for a good experience. I will bring my kids and recommend it to my friends and family. — Amanda

Dr. Ton is very detailed and thorough with his exam. He answered all my questions and concerns. Highly recommend him. — Minh N.

Very nice staff, and thorough dental cleaning. Up-to-date technology. Very clean and comfortable office. — Susanna V.

Dr. Ton and staff have been wonderful! Very caring, friendly atmosphere. Thank you for the awesome service. — Leah R.

The entire staff is kind, considerate, and professional. I would certainly recommend Autumn Lake to others. — Randy T.

Very happy with overall dental experience. Dr. Ton is a gem! — M. Lopez

Friendly staff. Very clean. I recommend this place. — Carla G.

Awesome service; the whole staff is amazing. — Amila W.

Great staff. Always a good experience. — Luz M.

Great service and friendly staff. — Valerie

Nice office, very friendly staff. — Gloria T.

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