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Trieu Ton, DDS - Autumn Lake Dental

Meet Dr. Trieu Ton

Dr. Ton is an experienced and compassionate dentist in Oakley, California. He goes above and beyond to provide conservative, personalized dental care in a relaxing environment.

Dr. Ton started Autumn Lake Dental to treat families of our Oakley community with ethical and gentle care, just as he treats his own family. With the explosion of corporate dental chains and assembly-line dentistry, Dr. Ton wants to preserve the small, quality dental practice that focuses on great service and a wonderful experience. Autumn Lake Dental is that small, quality dental office you’ve been looking for!

Dr. Ton received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Davis and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of California, San Francisco. He is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, where he continually strengthens his artistic skills so that he can deliver exceptional results to his patients. When he’s not working with patients or taking continuing education courses, Dr. Ton enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, playing tennis, and paddle boarding in the delta.

Dr. Ton continually donates to local programs and major organizations such as Give Back a Smile, the Red Cross, the Breast Cancer Society, the Animal Humane Society, and local food banks. He also mentors kids at the high school Outreach Conference to guide them with their career goals. Winning an award for his service in 2012, Dr. Ton is an important part of our community.

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Dr. Noush Alaie - Autumn Lake Dental

Meet Dr. Noush Alaie

Dr. Noush Alaie - "I have always enjoyed art and science, and dentistry has allowed me to use both on a daily basis. I completed my undergraduate studies at UCLA with a major in Physiological Sciences, and received my Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. My number one priority as a dental healthcare provider is to make sure patients have a comfortable and relaxing dental experience with some laughs along the way. Being at Autumn Lake Dental has allowed me to work with a close-knit group of individuals that all support one another and allow even the most stressful days to go by smoothly. Outside of the office, I enjoy movie nights, trying new foods, playing soccer and tennis, and spending time with my family, friends, and cat, Q."

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Christine - Autumn Lake Dental

Christine, RDH

I am a registered dental hygienist with over 30 years of experience in the dental field. I enjoy dental hygiene and pride myself in being gentle yet thorough. My goal is to provide a positive dental experience in a warm and friendly environment. I love being part of an incredible team that is here to ensure your visit is the best it can possibly be.

When not in the office, I enjoy hiking and spending time with my husband, two children, and many pets.

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Brianne - Autumn Lake Dental

Brianne, RDH

Working at Autumn Lake Dental allows me provide the best care possible to my patients while also helping them feel comfortable and relaxed. From paraffin handwax to noise cancelling headphones, we like to take care of our patients and treat them how we would like to be treated. I really like how we have a strong team here in our office, and each member of our team brings so much laughter and joy. I have a passion for oral health, and I work with Dr. Ton to help give patients that healthy smile they have always wanted. It is my pleasure to educate patients and answer any questions they may have, so that they feel confident and knowledgeable about their care.

In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, shopping, traveling, and spending time with my family.

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Kitty - Autumn Lake Dental

Kitty, RDH

At Autumn Lake Dental, I work with an exceptional team that creates a kind and caring environment for each patient. We constantly strive to provide high-quality dental care that is gentle and comfortable. My personal goal as a dental hygienist is to help my patients achieve optimal oral health and preserve their smiles for a lifetime. It is important to me that my patients have a positive experience at every appointment. I am happy to answer any questions they may have while I guide them to a healthy smile.

When I'm not in the office, I love spending time with my husband, two daughters, and dog, Basil. I also like kayaking, camping, sewing, cooking, and going to the beach and sporting events.

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Sarah - Autumn Lake Dental

Sarah, RDH

As a registered dental hygienist, I do my best to create a calm and comfortable environment for patients. I believe everyone deserves to love and feel proud about their smile, and I strive to make that happen. I enjoy educating patients on their oral health, including ways to improve and maintain that health in and out of our office. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and family. We love to visit South Lake Tahoe; attend Giants, Sharks, and Warrior games; and go to concerts. I love being active and outdoors, but I can also spend a day inside with our cat, Marlee.

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Angela - Autumn Lake Dental

Angela, RDA

I love working at Autumn Lake Dental because it is completely different from other dental practices. We have such a welcoming atmosphere for our patients—many of them say they feel “at home” in our office. We even have a variety of amenities in the office that really help our patients relax in our care.

What I enjoy the most about dentistry is interacting with the patients and seeing the amazing dental results. I get to work alongside Dr. Ton as he transforms the patient’s smile—and many times the person leaves feeling more self-confident! When I’m not assisting Dr. Ton, I am either at the gym or going on mini-adventures with my two kids.

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Sarah - Autumn Lake Dental

Saray, RDA

What I love about being a dental assistant is that it's a career that allows me to interact with many people and help them understand the importance of dentistry. Working at Autumn Lake Dental is a great opportunity for me to provide patients with the 4 Cs of treatment: Comfortable, Convenient, Comprehensive, and Conservative. During my time away from the office, I love being with my family and playing with my pets – I have three dogs and one cat.

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Kristina - Autumn Lake Dental

Kristina, RDA

I became a Dental Assistant to help others with the same dental fears of going to a dental office as mine. Having my own dental anxiety experience in the past helped me understand how to help comfort and ease the anxiety of others. And by working here at Autumn Lake Dental where they are all about patient's comfort, let's me accomplish what I came to do.

On my free time I enjoy going hiking with my Husky Cosmo. Being outdoors is very comforting. I also enjoy car shows especially old muscle cars, and watching sports especially during football season!!

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Ana - Autumn Lake Dental

Ana, DA

What I like about dentistry is that it can be life-changing. Being the financial coordinator, I work with patients from the moment they call to make the appointment until the day they walk out with their new beautiful and healthy smile. I want to ensure that each patient has the best experience at our office. I am also fluent in Spanish and able to communicate with all the residents in our area.

Autumn Lake Dental is definitely more “family oriented” and “comfortable” than other offices. We have something for everyone: computers so you can check emails or surf the Internet; TVs in the reception area and treatment rooms; and coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to enjoy before or after your visit! And for the little ones, we have video games and a kitchen play set.

I enjoy spending time with my three kids, playing board games with my two oldest kids, and taking them all to the park. When I find some alone time, I like to surf the Web and shop.

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Jaynaile - Autumn Lake Dental

Jaynaile, DA

What excites me about dentistry is the positive effect that our treatments have on our patients’ health and lives. Quality dental care can make a big difference in how people feel about themselves. Even just a cleaning or a talk with Dr. Ton on ways to improve oral hygiene can motivate you to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

My journey with Autumn Lake Dental has been one of my best personal experiences and one of my proudest accomplishments. I don't see my coworkers as only people I see four days of the week because they are also like family! In order for us to provide our patients with excellent service, we strive to always have good communication with them as well as amongst our team members. I've learned so much from my team, and I appreciate so much our goal of going above and beyond for our patients and practice! The biggest asset that I think I bring to our company is the dedication to walk through the door everyday with a positive mindset to do better than yesterday. I also believe in myself in a way that empowers me to help anyone in need. I work hard to gain my patients’ trust, and I think it’s an amazing feeling when you can personally connect with people, not only to serve their dental needs but also to become a friend and a listening ear!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going shopping, and learning new makeup techniques.

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Marysol - Autumn Lake Dental

Marysol, DA

What excites me the most about dentistry is making other people feel confident about their smiles. I love working at Autumn Lake Dental because we really focus on comfort and quality care. I enjoy working with Dr. Ton and the team because together we make it all happen by providing the best dental experience possible. Our office welcomes patients with big smiles and many amenities to make them feel "at home". I feel very fortunate to be part of such an amazing team! When I'm not working, I enjoy traveling with my older sister, spending time with my family, and going to the beach.

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Stevenson - Autumn Lake Dental


The thought of pursuing a career in dentistry never really crossed my mind until my brother, Dr. Ton, gave me the opportunity to shadow and explore this fascinating field. Being a visual and tactile learner, working in the dentistry field is extremely rewarding because it demands the utmost physical work. The experience of working on a set schedule with a highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic team makes work enjoyable, and I am continuously mind-boggled by the evolving world of dentistry.

I can say that after working at Autumn Lake Dental, I enjoy the motivation and positive drive of the team to provide some of the best and most affordable dental care in the region. The sophisticated, architectural, and technological design of the office is both inviting and exemplifies to our patients that they have chosen the right place for their dental concerns. It is extremely gratifying to get to know our patients personally, and for them to know that we have acknowledged and addressed any concerns during their visit.

Currently I am an undergraduate at the University of California, Merced, majoring in Microbiology and Immunology. During my weekends, I usually do a variety of community service throughout the Merced County, providing assistance to those in need as well as educating the young public to pursue their highest potential goals.

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Dentistry From the Heart

We love giving back the community any way we can here at Autumn Lake Dental, and our team is proud to be a part of Dentistry from the Heart. As part of this organization we provide free dental care to those in our community who could otherwise not afford it. We plan on being a part of this organization every year, so take a look at our video to learn more and keep up with us on Facebook to get updates!